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Your kid is a whiz with their smartphones but do they know how the apps they use really work? Do they have the skill to control the apps instead of the apps controlling them? Most never give it a second thought.
A new set of life skills is needed to thrive in this world apps run by Artificial Intelligence. We teach our kids to cross the road safely, to drive a car, and create a budget. Understanding Artificial Intelligence is a life skill that impacts how your children learn and work.
Without understanding how Ai is woven into the fabric of our lives, we may not know why we feel angry, frustrated, or dissatisfied. Your children need to know how to use Ai for their benefit when looking for a job, sharing their creativity, or starting a business. Understanding Ai is the new life skill for success.
If you’re a parent, educator, or someone curious about the future then Ai Parenting is for you. Ai is much more than a technology. When applied to people it changes our individual and community wellness, when applied to society it becomes a system of control. It’s time to take back control…

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Dr Ed Tse

I'm Dr Ed, here to help!

Ever get a "no" when you wanted to start a creative project that was out of the ordinary? This creative project turned out to be my PhD in Computer Science using Artificial Intelligence to let multiple people use voice and gestures with Warcraft III and Google Earth on a digital table. It wasn't until a video of my work went viral on YouTube, AP News, and CNN that I understood how Ai was going to not only change our lives, but control it as well. Education focuses on preparing learners for the future, I started Ai Parenting to cover the gaps they don't teach in school to give you the skills to thrive in this new world of Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Ed is the founding School Council Chair for the largest Online school in Alberta, Canada with over 5600 students. He's worked in education and technology for over 15 years and is the primary inventor of the first Digital Table product for Education. He's an internationally recognized keynote speaker on creativity and technology and won the Edvocate Global EdTech Leader award. He host a weekly livestream called Ai Parenting Live, a podcast, offers engaging interactive courses, consulting services, and hosts a community of Ai Parenting insiders. Dr Ed's motto is don't Sedate, Relate to Create.

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