Ai Summer Camp for Kids!

Virtual Ai Summer Camp Prepare your K-3 Kids to thrive in our new world of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) with an active Virtual Summer Camp Experience. This virtual camp makes artificial intelligence fun, thinking critically about when it’s important to speak with adults about what we see online, and developing emotional awareness over what we see …

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Video Funnel Secrets

Video Funnel Secrets

Course description Learn the best kept secret to attention on the Internet. Videos are the key to more watch time, here’s how you can use this to get your message out to the world today. In this course you’ll learn the fundamentals of making a live video conference feel more like meeting a person face-to-face. …

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Internet Drivers License

Internet Drivers License

Course description Your child is a whiz at YouTube and Social Media but do they know how it works? Do they have the skills to control the technology instead of the technology controlling them? A new set of life skills are needed when it comes to Artificial intelligence (Ai). Just like personal finance, and entrepreneurial …

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Creators Circle

Course description Advanced training and live sessions for those who want to use the Internet for disruption and entrepreneurship. We will teach specific strategies related to SEO, advanced livstreaming, Social Media mastery, and recurring monetization. Not intended for beginners, it is required to take the Screen Time Masterclass first as this advanced training requires an …

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Screen Time Masterclass

Course description Disrupt the invisible forces that control your family today with this unique masterclass that dives deep into the origins of screen time, and how to take back control of our new AI unconsciousness. The Screen Time Masterclass is perfect for families that have already read about Internet safety, social media abstinence, and are …

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