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Virtual Ai Summer Camp

Prepare your K-3 Kids to thrive in our new world of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) with an active Virtual Summer Camp Experience. This virtual camp makes artificial intelligence fun, thinking critically about when it’s important to speak with adults about what we see online, and developing emotional awareness over what we see online.

Your kids will learn how Artificial Intelligence uses watch time to decide what videos they should watch next on YouTube kids. They will learn to think critically about when it’s important to speak to an adult about what they see online. Finally they will learn to talk about how certain videos make them feel and how we can regulate those emotions or seek help from adults. 

This summer camp is designed to manage the energy of your child through active learning. It will include testing Ai examples, being involved in discussions and interactive quizzes, and being active with brain breaks. Adults are asked to assist at the start to join the live session, open web pages. Each day includes discussion homework to build a habit of speaking with adults about what kids see online.  

Each Virtual Summer Camp attendee who completes the assignments will receive a Virtual Ai Summer Camp badge and personalized certificate that they can proudly show to friends and family.

This course is lead by the international keynote speaker and founder of Ai Parenting Dr Edward Tse. Learn more on our About Page.

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