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Give your children a head start with this cutting-edge fun and hands-on Ai Summer Camp.

Your children will learn practical skills that help them understand how Ai is trained to reproduce things that it has seen in the past. They will learn how the videos they watch on YouTube Kids impacts what videos will be suggested next. This will learn how things that they see on the Internet change how they feel. They will also start to build the important habit of speaking to their parents about their interests online. 

Ai Summer Camp is a 2 week hands-on experience with Ai for your 3 to 8 year old child. They will train an Ai systems to detect the ripeness of bananas and discuss why the Ai made mistakes. We will show them how these principles also apply to YouTube Kids and Netflix. We will play games to learn how data is saved on the Internet, and learn ways to protect our privacy.

Ai summer camp is available as a parent assisted online live video series or an in-person hands on experience with Teacher support. Each day features 2 hours of time to tell stories along with creative worksheets and hands-on activities.

Participants will learn

  • How Ai is trained to repeat things it has seen in the past 
  • How Ai systems are trained and why they make mistakes
  • How Ai applies to what they see on YouTube and Netflix
  • That what we see online changes how we feel 
  • How to talk to our parents about our online interests
  • How to protect our privacy online

This live session will also include

  • Worksheets that can done at home or in class
  • Example Ai Systems that can be trained in person or at home
  • Archive Videos for students that missed a class

Live Package


About the author

Dr Edward Tse has a PhD in Computer Science and worked on Ai Systems to detect speech and gestures during his PhD. In 2005, He created a video that was recommended on YouTube and has been teaching about Ai in his weekly livestreams. Learn more about Dr Ed.



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