Even if children do not become coders...

they are trainers of Artificial intelligence (Ai) every time they use the Internet.

Ai Parenting empowers children for tomorrow by giving them future-ready skills today.

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  • Meet our Experts

    We have teaching and parenting experts who have taught all over the world about parenting in our digital world. Their cutting edge knowledge and wisdom will let you take back control and connect with your children’s interests. Invest in your family’s future, deepen your relationships, and build Ai proof skills that serve for a lifetime. Our team of leaders are here to bring out the best in all families across many countries!

    Benefits of Joining Ai Parenting Insider

    1. Learn the secrets big tech doesn’t want you to know

    Every day we scroll the equivalent of a statue of liberty worth of posts in our social media feeds. Even if we are careful in what we post, milliseconds of watch time reveal the truth of our deepest unconscious desires. Learn how to take back control of this data in your own feeds.

    2. True Internet Drivers License

    Most courses provide best practices for online sharing and privacy tweaks but lack the fundamentals of how governments and companies are using our data. Teach your children about the fundamentals to get their Internet Drivers license.

    3. Create Movements

    Creativity is about more than drawing pictures, learn how to take back control of the social media to build your

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