The Ai Sputnik Crisis

The AI Sputnik Crisis caused countries to teach Ai in Kindergarten, it caused them to invest in Ai research and startups. How can we prepare our children to compete in this new global workplace?

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Girl Frustrated

Why do Parents Hate?

Are you interested in having a closer connection with your parents or your children? Are you frustrated about your family relationships, do you feel that they don’t understand your perspective?

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Tech Tips to be Confident Live

There is a NEW audience for your live presentations: Ai. This is even more important if your presentations are going to be published online since Ai looks for very different things than people do.

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Laptop worker

💪>🦾 Ai Proof Skills

Ever since I had kids I’ve been super curious about the future of work. What is their career going to look like? What can I do to make sure that they are ready for the future?

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Evolution of Tracking

🍪 Evolution of Tracking

Cookies are the main way that big tech connects your behaviours on the Internet to your personal identity. It’s how big tech knows what posts,

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