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Build a Bot and Learn Ai 1 Year Subscription
12 Robots

$315.00 / year

Spark creativity with Artificial intelligence (Ai) and robotics with this exclusive, cutting-edge, engaging, and hands-on Build a Bot and Learn Ai subscription.

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Imagine being asked to be 10x more productive at your job… this is the reality that our children face today. Spark creativity with Artificial intelligence (Ai) and robotics with this exclusive, cutting-edge, engaging, and hands-on Build a Bot and Learn Ai workshop.

Even if our children never write a line of code in their lifetime, we will train an Ai every time we use the Internet. Learners will gain an understanding of how Ai powers the Internet, and how our social media feeds reflect the milliseconds of watch time that we have provided to Ai systems. They will learn about Generative Ai systems like Chat GPT, and develop critical thinking skills to complement the weaknesses of Ai systems.

Learners will apply these lessons in the real world by building their very own robot that they can take home. This learning artifact can be personalized and additional activities are provided that can enrich learning at home.

The Build a Bot Workshop is offered as an afternoon hands-on experience for learners aged 6-12 years old. In addition to presentations and videos, space is provided for learners to engage in creative peer discussion about the future. Students will be asked to journal what they learned and some may be asked to share their learning with the class. See our Build a Bot Presentation.

Participants will learn

  • How it is our job to tell Ai systems what is right and wrong
  • How Ai repeats a specific version of the past 
  • Why Ai systems make mistakes
  • How we can make sure our Video and Social Media suggestions remain positive
  • How the Ai is always watching, even if our parents are not
  • How privacy is our vote on the Internet

Build a Bot and Learn Ai Workshop includes

  • A robot each participant can take home 
  • Activities that can be done at home
  • Links to videos and presentations

About the author

Dr. Ed is just a geek kid who learned that creativity applies to everything we do. His Ph.D. is in User Experience and Artificial Intelligence, and he was first exposed to Social Ai systems when his research video went viral in 2005 when YouTube first started. Since this time, Dr. Ed founded Ai Parenting to teach children, young adults, and caregivers about the social studies of artificial intelligence. Using a hybrid, hands-on approach, Dr. Ed believes in making Ai and Robotics accessible to all students so that we can meet future productivity expectations. Learn more about Dr. Ed.


Doodle Generative

In Doodle Generative by Ai Parenting, learners build their own Doodle Robot as they learn about Generative Artificial Intelligence as an engine for fluency and not facts. Students learn how to prevent their art from being used to Ai training and how to fight against Ai bias.

Skeleton Body Image

In Skeleton Body Image by Ai Parenting, learners build their very own customized skeleton and learn how body image is manipulated by social media influencers and how Ai bias appears in social media feeds. Students learn approaches to avoid the mental health harms of social media.

Vacuum Chore-o-matic

In Vacuum Chore-o-matic by Ai Parenting learners build their own vacuum cleaner and learn about the automation that has dramatically improved the quality of life of families around the world. We will discuss advances in the automation of cleaning, washing and drying clothes, lighting, lawn mowing, snow shoveling, and more.

Music Remix

In Music Remix by Ai Parenting learners build and take home their own customizable guitar as they learn about the future of music remixing and how audio is used in social media rankings. Students will learn how to help reproduce the sound qualities of a face to face conversation in future video conference meetings and online posts. Students will learn how to compose new music using samples trained with artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Car

In Autonomous Car by Ai Parenting, learners build their own 2-way robotic car as they learn about the risks and challenges of autonomous cars. Students learn to prepare themselves to remain safe around autonomous cars and learn about driving tasks that cannot be automated by Ai in the sharing economy.

Solar Metaverse

In Solar Metaverse by Ai Parenting, learners build a moving solar system while learning about key satellite technologies such as GPS. Students will learn how artificial intelligence provides contextual services that augment our physical world. We will learn about how augmented reality (AR) works and how we can create our own AR experiences at home.

Drone Launcher

In Drone Launcher by Ai Parenting, learners build their own paper airplane launcher while learning how Ai is being used to fly drones that deliver life-saving medicine, fight fires in hard to reach places, and help us grow food. Students will also have an opportunity to test the accuracy of landing their paper airplane on a set of targets.

Butterfly Simulation

In Butterfly Simulation by Ai Parenting, learners build their own moving butterfly as they learn how the principles found in nature are used in modern Ai and robotic systems. Learners explore neural networks, the movement of animals on land, sea, and air and look at automation in nature while they consider where we see simulations of this behaviour today.

Elevator Automation

In Elevator Automation by Ai Parenting, learners build their own working elevator as they learn about what happens to jobs when they become automated and what routine and predictable jobs are likely to be automated in the future. Students also learn about how societies move towards service as automation and outsourcing increase.

Ball Assembly

In Ball Assembly by Ai Parenting, learners construct their own continuous ball slide as they learn how Ai is being used to help automate predictable but not routine aspects of manufacturing. We will also discuss the concept of robots as capital that automatically generate revenue for their owners.

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